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Inspecting the seals on your RV

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

Before you begin, look at the roof from inside trailer, check inside cabinets at roof, check air conditioners, sky lights, antennas, windows, etc for water damage. May help you to concentrate on area of concern.

Most RV manufacturers recommend inspecting seals every 3 months.

I usually inspect the seals from the top down. (hardest to easiest)

I usually access roof off of a separate ladder. (RV ladder seems inadequate and unsafe)

I scan roof seals while on my knees, I can visualize each seal and check for soft spots on a roof. If you feel a roof is unable to hold your weight, inspect from the sides. Anywhere there is sealant look for cracks, missing sealant, or holes where water can penetrate. (Inspect seals completely starting front to back and side to side)

Slides or tip outs are another area that sees a lot of water damage and is very expensive to repair, check all rubber seals that help prevent water from entering when slides open, check all sealant around slides and look for water entrance at window. (most windows are sealed with caulking at top of window and a couple of inches down the side)

Continue to check seals starting at a location like entry door and work your way around coach completely.

After multiple times checking seals you will improve, notice defects and seal appearances that change overtime. Another tip is to place a post it sticker or small tape piece to seal to show you inspected it.

I usually scrub and clean entire coach and this is when I check my seals, a skill I acquired after untold washing of seals and RV's.

If you find something concerning visit your professional for advice, if he is like me he will enjoy the conversation and would be happy to guide you on fixing anything yourself. If not set up appointment for a professional to assess stability of roof, repair seals, address your concerns and repair if necessary. Inspect seals in 360° inspection around roof and coach.

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