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Polishing, Waxing

After an incredible wash it is time to think about restoring and protecting finishes. Research is really important, there are loads of options and decisions to be made. Here are a few examples of things to search.

Polishes and Pads, before you wax you want to restore your property (cars, RV’s, homes, shops, etc.), this can get real confusing. Polishing can remove, minimize the appearance of oxidation, acid rain, neglect, dirt. There are many types of polish with different abrasive properties. If the wrong application is used, you can cause more harm than good, so research, research, research. When you apply polish there are also different polishing pads with different properties that work hand in hand with your polish. So research, research, research!

Wax and Sealers are important for many reasons, first they bring a luster and brilliance to make your property (cars, RV’s, homes, shops, etc.) stand out. The best thing about wax and sealers is the protection they provide. Start to think of all the contaminants that can damage and stain your property. Waxes not only give protection but when you go to clean your property, the time it takes to clean between waxes will be fast and easy.

If you have questions, look to our forum, you can ask questions, interact with others. This part of the website is evolving constantly, so check in often.


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